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Have you ever dreamt about putting on your own musical but you have no idea how to begin?  Let us help you! Contact Cutting Edge Theatre Company [] by August 31, 2019, for guidelines on how to pitch your idea and, if we like your pitch, we will help your dream come true by producing and staging your show in May 2020.


Pitch Deadline: September 30, 2019

Chosen Pitch Announced: October 31, 2019

Peformed: May 2020

Guidelines for Pitch A Show

What you need at the time of audition:

   •    A Show Picked

   •    One representative listed as your lead organizer
   •    At least 75% of the named characters already cast
   •    At least three representatives from the cast available for your audition time

   •    Selection of a Director/Choreographer (we will help if needed)

   •    A Music Director locked in and present at the auditions
   •    Two contrasting pieces from the show to be sung


What to expect from your audition with CETC:
   •    An accompanist provided at auditions
   •    Time set aside to assess a potential rehearsal schedule
   •    Creative discussion into the direction of the show


What to expect should your show be selected:
   •    Shared direction between your lead organizer and CETC
   •    Access to our rehearsal space, keyboard, sound system and stereo

   •    Help with Building Set/Costumes
   •    Casting freedom for the remaining (up to) 25% of your show’s main characters

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